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Colorer take5 is a syntax highlighting and text parsing library, that provides services of text parsing in host editor systems in real-time and transforming results into colored text. Result information allows to search and build outlined lists of functions, structures, and to search and indent programming language constructions (brackets, paired tags). Colorer uses pure C++, XML, it is fully portable and works on either win32/unix/mac platforms. Top level Java language API is also available.


eclipse EclipseColorer plugin / Eclipse.org
far FarColorer-truemod / FARManager.com
far FarColorer plugin / FARManager.com
mc Midnight Commander integration / ibiblio.org/mc


Eclipse's Update Manager URL: http://colorer.sf.net/eclipsecolorer/


APIs Colorer-take5 C++ API
Colorer-take5 Java API
HRC Language reference
download Console tools help,
XML Schema module

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January, 2010
New version of FarColorer: for Far 2 and for Far 3.
Many different fixes, add support Windows 2000.
Update HRC base.
Jule, 2011
EclipseColorer 0.9.9 build.
Support Windows x86,x64 and Linux x86,x64.
Working with long strings
June, 2011
New version of FarColorer: for Far 2 and for Far 3.0.2085.
March, 2011
New version of FarColorer: for Far 2 and for Far 1.75.
The main patch - working with long strings.
April, 2010
EclipseColorer 0.9.0 build.
January, 2010
FarColorer-truemod experimental build.
December, 2009
Far Colorer just got a new maintainer: ctapmex!
26 April 2007
An updated and extended HRC-REF spec is published, thanks to Anatoly Techtonik.
8 March 2007
In the women's day, (for my ladies)! New version of EclipseColorer: 0.8.0. This is an experimental build with many new editing features supported: Folding, Annotations, line word wrapping, extended preferences and many other improvements. For now, can be downloaded only from sf.net area.
30 Nov 2006
Eclipse Colorer is updated with additional Intel-Mac x86 native support. Thanks to Apla for this. Can be downloaded via update manager or from sf.net download area.
24 Nov 2006
Colorer-take5.be5 Mostly technical release, to catch up many latest changes. Includes great number of syntax fixes, some minor improvements of code. Download, as always.
16 June 2006
Midnight Commander Colorer was updated with some new features and user dialog settings. Version 0.9 available.
26 May 2006
New version 0.5 of Midnight Commander Colorer mod is available. A couple of new features and bugfixes. Download it.

Additional information

sample Other Language APIs:
Syntax-Highlight-Universal - Perl API to colorer
PHP API to colorer

Separate projects, using colorer:
Ferry text editor component
Freddy text editor
Hetman file manager (Java, Colorer inside)

Misc information:
New language in Eclipse (pdf), (html) by Ron Mertens.
Eugene Efremov HRC packages page
Old colorer4ever doc (rus): HRC, HRD, RE


author Igor Russkih (Cail Lomecb)
email/im: irusskih at gmail dot com
www(dead): http://cail.nm.ru

Scientific pieces

A few papers based on the Colorer software project in the areas of incremental syntax analysis, language development environments and software optimization. Written during my postgraduate being at the UNN (State University of Nizhny Novgorod).

  • General principles of the Colorer library. Methods and tools for complex graphics information handling. N.Novgorod, 2003. p. 80-82.
  • Colorer library and XML technologies, UNN (State University of Nizhny Novgorod), 2003, Graduate Work. [pdf, russian].
  • Memory Allocation optimization techniques by the example of Colorer-take5 library. University of Nizhny Novgorod bulletin, Mathematical modeling and optimal control series, 2004, vol. 1. [pdf, russian].
  • Applications' Object Model optimization techniques by the example of Colorer-take5 library, 2006. Publishing in progress. [pdf, russian].
  • Incremental syntax analysis in the integrated development environments and programming editors. University of Nizhny Novgorod bulletin, Mathematical modeling and optimal control series, 2007. [pdf, russian], [pdf, english].
      The article reviews a number of existing solutions for real-time syntax analysis in the Integrated Software Development Environments (IDE) targeting software engeneer's efficiency improvements. Colorer library is presented as an alternative solution in this area for many of the interaction problems between the developer and development environment.


Colorer library is distributed under Mozilla Public License 1.1. You can use it in OpenSource, Freeware and Proprietary software in terms of MPL 1.1. Alternatively, Colorer Library could be distributed under either GNU GPL 2.0 / LGPL 2.1 licenses, as noted in Colorer Source code license notice.

Mozilla Public License allows you to modify Colorer library source code and redistribute it for free (or for sale) so long as you follow the terms of the MPL. In particular, you must make your changes to the Colorer Library source code available back to the Colorer under the MPL (so the Colorer Library can benefit from your changes), You can add external files to Colorer Library, compile these, use library in external projects and redistribute them for free or for sale and you do not need to make such external files or changes to them available in source code form or binary form to the Colorer library project. I was also asked to state about GPL with the so-called runtime exception. I have no objections about this note usage if anyone really needs it.


donate You can help me in development of the Colorer-take5 library by donating some money to this project. This would allow me to cover some of the costs involved in library development. Especially if you are using Colorer library in a commercial environment I ask you to consider this option, so Colorer can continue to be actively developed in the future.

You can make transfer with Yandex.Money system (wallet# 4100158993216) or WebMoney system (Z661462662957, R115331770879) - these two are preferred (although they are good only in Russia). Alternatively you can use share*it! payment system (Colorer-take5 product page). Please feel free to contact me if you want to make direct Bank/Wire transfer or prefer other methods for donation.

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