XMLSchema linking


Colorer library package contains scripts and settings, which allows you to integrate it with XML language editing process and add to Colorer features of an on-fly XML validation. Colorer package includes XSLT Scripts for producing transformations of XML Schemas 1.0 into the HRC language. Resulted HRC files could be used by Colorer and provide syntax checking and document's logical structure validation.

Including support

Colorer includes following XML languages and their schemas:

To add others language support, you must use those language's XSD description and transform it through the xsd2hrc.xsl transformation. Colorer package includes DTD to XMLSchema converter (xsd2hrc/schemas/dtd/dtd2xsd/, so you can use DTD descriptions also.


This transformation (/bin/xsd2hrc/xsd2hrc.xsl) generates HRC syntax files to parse XML files from appropriate XML Schema description of these files type. Generated HRC syntax conforms XML Schema Recomendations, except some syntax and logic looses. Most of them can't be implemented due to HRC context-free grammar model limitations.