Midnight Commander mod with Colorer-take5 syntax engine

mc This Midnight Commander build is modified to use Colorer-take5 as a syntax highlighting engine in the standard mc editor.


MC-Colorer supports all basic functionality you have already in Eclipse or FAR Colorer:

Building and installing

Get MC-Colorer

Source package allows you to rebuild it for any platform MC available on, and Binary package contains Midnight Commander, compiled for i386 Linux (mdk10).

Whats new in MCColorer 0.9?

Whats new in MCColorer 0.5?

Editor is now capable to show paired constructions, like it works in eclipse/far versions.
Moreover, two editor menu options were added: Command/"Select Block" and "Select Block Content".
These allows you to mark with selection current paired construction.
Of course, "Go to matching Bracket" (alt/meta-b) also works with Colorer.

There is no UI settings now, however you can manually change default color style, colorer uses to highlight the text.
To do this just add this section to your ~/.mc/ini file:


Changing it's value you can choose one of available HRD styles (see your colorer/catalog.xml file for list of available styles).