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Colorer interfaces

Detailed Description

Basic colorer interfaces and abstract classes.

All the commons, used in Colorer parser working.


 Common editor abstraction classes.
 Different service handlers classes and interfaces.
 Common parsers implementation classes.
 Classes, which allows simple text parse and stream processing of parsed results.

Data Structures

class  ErrorHandler
 Informs application about different Parsing problems and warning. More...
class  FileType
 HRC FileType (or prototype) instance. More...
class  HRCParserException
 Informs application about internal HRC parsing problems. More...
class  HRCParser
 Abstract template of HRCParser class implementation. More...
class  LineSource
 Interface for editor line information requests. More...
class  ParserFactory
 Maintains catalog of HRC and HRD references. More...
class  ParserFactoryException
 Exception, thrown by ParserFactory class methods. More...
class  Region
 HRC Region implementation. More...
class  RegionHandler
 Handles parse information, passed from TextParser. More...
class  Scheme
 HRC Scheme instance information. More...
class  TextParser
 Basic lexical/syntax parser interface. More...


 List of available parse modes. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum TextParseMode

List of available parse modes.

TPM_CACHE_OFF  Parser will start execution from the root document's scheme, no cache information will be used.
TPM_CACHE_READ  Parser will use internal cache information to make initial text positioning and guarantee syntax structure validness.

The text structure will not be dropped and cache tree will remain the same.

TPM_CACHE_UPDATE  Allows parser not only read cache information, but also update it during parse process.

Also causes all cached data from starting parse position to be dropped.

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