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TextParser Class Reference
[Colorer interfaces]

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Detailed Description

Basic lexical/syntax parser interface.

This class provides interface to lexical text parsing abilities of the Colorer library.

It uses LineSource interface as a source of input data, and RegionHandler as interface to transfer results of text parse process.

Process of syntax parsing supports internal caching algorithim, which allows to store internal parser state and reparse text only partially (on change, on request).

Public Member Functions

virtual void setFileType (FileType *type)=0
 Sets root scheme (filetype) of the text to parse.
virtual void setLineSource (LineSource *lh)=0
 Installs LineSource, used as an input of text to parse.
virtual void setRegionHandler (RegionHandler *rh)=0
 RegionHandler, used as output stream for parsed tree.
virtual int parse (int from, int num, TextParseMode mode)=0
 Performs cachable text parse.
virtual void breakParse ()=0
 Performs break of parsing process from external thread.
virtual void clearCache ()=0
 Clears internal cached text tree stucture.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void TextParser::setFileType FileType type  )  [pure virtual]

Sets root scheme (filetype) of the text to parse.

type FileType, which contains reference to it's baseScheme. If parameter is null, there will be no any kind of parse over the text.

virtual int TextParser::parse int  from,
int  num,
TextParseMode  mode
[pure virtual]

Performs cachable text parse.

Can build internal structure of contexts, allowing apprication to continue parse from any already reached position of text. This guarantees the validness of result parse information.

from Line to start parsing
num Number of lines to parse
mode Parsing mode.

virtual void TextParser::breakParse  )  [pure virtual]

Performs break of parsing process from external thread.

It is used to stop parse from external source. This is required in some editor system implementations, where editor can detect background changes in highlighted text.

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