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Colorer-take5 Library Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
BaseEditorBase Editor functionality
BitArrayBit Array field
CharacterCharacter information class
CharacterClassCharacter classes store implementation
CharacterDataAbstract Text Data section node
CommentXML Comment node
ConsoleToolsConsole colorer application
CRegExpRegular Expression compiler and matcher
DefaultEntityResolverDefault entity resolver class, uses InputSource object rules to resolve relative addresses of the entities
DefaultErrorHandlerDefault implementation of ErrorHandler
DocumentDocument node
DocumentBuilderDocument factory, used to build xml document tree from input stream
DStringDynamic string class
EditorListenerListener of BaseEditor events
ElementElement node
EncodingsEncodings information
EntityResolverEntity resolver, used to resolve addresses of the external entities
ErrorHandlerInforms application about different Parsing problems and warning
ErrorHandlerWriterWriter implementation of ErrorHandler
ExceptionException class
FarEditorFAR Editor internal plugin structures
FarEditorSetFAR Editors container
FileErrorHandlerFile implementation of ErrorHandler
FileInputSourceReads data from file with OS services
FileTypeHRC FileType (or prototype) instance
FileTypeChooserStores regular expressions of filename and firstline elements and helps to detect file type
FileTypeImplFile Type storage implementation
FileWriterWrites data stream into a file
HashEntry< T >Hashtable Entry
Hashtable< T >Hashtable template class, stores nullable objects
HashtableCore< T >Common hashtable template
HashtableWOnulls< T >Hashtable template class, stores structured objects
HRCParserAbstract template of HRCParser class implementation
HRCParserExceptionInforms application about internal HRC parsing problems
HRCParserImplImplementation of HRCParser
HtmlEscapesWriterWriter interface wrapper, which allows escaping of XML markup characters (& and <)
HTTPInputSourceImplements reading from HTTP URLs
InputSourceAbstract byte input source
InputSourceExceptionInputSourceException is thrown, if some IO error occurs
JARInputSourceReads data from JAR(ZIP) archive
KeywordInfoInformation about one parsed keyword
KeywordListList of keywords
LineRegionDefines region position properties
LineRegionsCompactSupportCompact Region store implementation based on LineRegionsSupport class
LineRegionsSupportRegion store implementation of RegionHandler
LineSourceInterface for editor line information requests
NodeAbstract DOM tree node
OutlineItemItem in outliner's list
OutlinerUsed to create, store and maintain list or tree of different special regions
OutOfBoundExceptionThrown, when array index overflow occurs
PairMatchRepresentation of pair match in text
ParseCacheInternal parser's cache storage
ParsedLineWriterStatic service methods of LineRegion output
ParseExceptionBasic XML Parser exception class Contains information about exception and position of the error in the text
ParserFactoryMaintains catalog of HRC and HRD references
ParserFactoryExceptionException, thrown by ParserFactory class methods
ProcessingInstructionProcessing Instruction node
RegionHRC Region implementation
RegionDefineObject contains information about region mapping into real colors or other properties
RegionHandlerHandles parse information, passed from TextParser
RegionMapperAbstract interface to perform Region -> RegionDefine mappings
RegionMapperImplAbstract RegionMapper
SchemeHRC Scheme instance information
SchemeImplScheme storage implementation
SchemeNodeScheme node
SharedInputSourceInputSource class wrapper, allows to manage class instances counter
SRegInfoRegular expressions internal tree node
SStringStatic unicode string
StreamWriterWrites data into operating system output stream
StringAbstract unicode string class
StringBufferUnicode growable StringBuffer
StringIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionIndex of requested character is out of bounds
StyledHRDMapperHRD files reader
StyledRegionContains information about region mapping into real colors
TextXML Text / CDATA node
TextConsoleViewerConsole viewing of parsed and colored file
TextHRDMapperHRD files reader
TextLinesStoreReads array of text lines and makes it accessible with LineSource interface
TextParserBasic lexical/syntax parser interface
TextParserImplImplementation of TextParser interface
TextRegionContains information about region mapping into textual prefix/suffix
UnicodeToolsDifferent Unicode methods and tools
UnsupportedEncodingExceptionUnknown encoding exception
Vector< T >Ordered sequence of objects
VirtualEntryOne entry of 'inherit' element virtualization content
VTListDynamic parser's list of virtual entries
WriterAbstract character writer class

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