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StyledHRDMapper Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for StyledHRDMapper:

RegionMapperImpl RegionMapper

Detailed Description

HRD files reader.

HRD Files format contains mappings of HRC syntax regions into real coloring information. Each record in HRD (RegionDefine) can contain information about region color (fore, back) and about it's style (style).

Public Member Functions

void loadRegionMappings (InputSource *is)
 Loads region defines from is InputSource.
void saveRegionMappings (Writer *writer) const
 Saves all loaded region defines into writer.
void setRegionDefine (const String &region, const RegionDefine *rdnew)
 Changes specified region definition to rdnew.

Member Function Documentation

void StyledHRDMapper::saveRegionMappings Writer writer  )  const [virtual]

Saves all loaded region defines into writer.

Note, that result document would not be equal to input one, because there could be multiple input documents.

Implements RegionMapperImpl.

void StyledHRDMapper::setRegionDefine const String region,
const RegionDefine rdnew

Changes specified region definition to rdnew.

region Region full qualified name.
rdnew New region definition to replace old one

Implements RegionMapperImpl.

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