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Common interfaces

Detailed Description

Common classes, exception and service classes.

Common abstract primitives, basic definitions, global compilation ruling definitions.


 IO core interfaces
 Classes and interfaces, which implements an abstraction of input-output layer.

Data Structures

class  Exception
 Exception class. More...
class  OutOfBoundException
 Thrown, when array index overflow occurs. More...
class  InputSourceException
 InputSourceException is thrown, if some IO error occurs. More...
class  Hashtable< T >
 Hashtable template class, stores nullable objects. More...
class  HashtableWOnulls< T >
 Hashtable template class, stores structured objects. More...
class  HashEntry< T >
 Hashtable Entry. More...
class  HashtableCore< T >
 Common hashtable template. More...
class  Vector< T >
 Ordered sequence of objects. More...


static Vector< byte * > * chunks = null
 List of currently allocated memory chunks with size CHUNK_SIZE.

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